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Week 3

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This week was primarily about getting into the smaller details of web design-specifically CSS. Part of our class is Lynda based, and the other part is lecture/reading based. Here are a couple links to the lectures provided by our professor…

In addition to these lectures, we also had some reading material…

This reading portion explained into further detail what different image file formats there are. Last week, we briefly went over these formats, however this link provides the different characteristics of a JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), and GIF(Graphic Interchange Format) are and how saving these image formats differ.

This article provides insight into what visual hierarchy is and how we, as web designers, can efficiently use this concept to offer interest to our designs. Some different ways to incorporate visual hierarchy include color contrast, sizing, repetition, style and texture.
This week also included some assignments related to our resume project. We have to incorporate the color themes we created last week in Kuler as well as add a final image to the resume. Instead of just using notepad to write our HTML/CSS coding, were also using other programs such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop to enhance the look of our resume.






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