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Week 4

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As the weeks go on, we are getting more advance in stylizing our layouts for web design. This week was primarily about learning selectors/classes/IDs, basic text formatting, cascades, and bordering. I do have to admit, though I do enjoy this coding stuff…it’s getting tougher! (Haha) Luckily, the Lynda classes are helping…A LOT.

Some additional reading that was included in this week’s learning were:

This link would seem to be very helpful in the near future when I get more advanced in my web development. These tools describes on this website are mainly for decreasing file size.

This site too, seems to be helpful for when I learn more about layouts. This website goes over the pros & cons of 6 popular css layouts: fixed-width, fluid/liquid, elastic, hybrid, responsive, fluid/elastic grids.

This article in particular was beneficial this week since a lot of our Lynda assignments included IDs and classes. IDs and classes are essentially the hooks to css layouts. These allow us to specifically manipulate an element without changing all related elements. IDs are unique in that you can only have one. Classes on the other hand, are not unique because you are allowed to have several of these.






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