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Week 6/ Week 7

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Since I was unable to update my blog last week, I’m just going to review everything from this week and the past week. 🙂

Last week, we mainly worked on our banners. Originally I had come up with the idea of incorporating a harvest moon as the focal point and having a forest in the background. After looking over some suggestions, I decided to add some stars to the background and change up the trees to not make them look so flat. I also decided to switch the Anne Arundel Community College logos.

We also reviewed how to do a tiling background. This I will admit, was hard for me to accomplish. Even after reviewing the lectures over and over. But eventually, I was able to get close to what I wanted. Here is the background tiling image…

This week, we had to incorporate animation. I decided to move the MyAACC text and have a couple stars fluttering in the background.

Also, last week we had to decide what we wanted to do for our final website. The only idea that I could really come up with is the restaurant Chili’s. I’ve been a waitress here for a little over two in a half years. Unfortunately I’m not associated with any other small local groups or anything like that. Hopefully this will be sufficient…


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