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Week 8

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During this past week, we finalized our banners as well as worked further into final website project. Instead of doing a website based on Chili’s (the restaurant I work at), I’ve decided to do a website about my couponing group. I know it’s silly that I coupon at 22 years old, but trust me- it’s worth it! I don’t why I didn’t think to do this as my project first! Ha…

Apart of the final project assignment this week, we had to complete a Design Document. A Design Document is essentially a planning source that provides information to your client about what you intend to do. It includes a cover sheet, a project profiler, a flowchart, and storyboards.

This week we also covered a lot of reading. We covered stock photography- which consists of existing photographs that can be licensed for specific uses. Most stock images come in one of two licensing terms- royalty free, or rights managed. Royalty free basically offers the ability to use an image in an unlimited number of ways for a single license fee. Rights managed is an individual licensing agreement negotiated for each use, with an option for exclusivity in an industry or for a period of time.    is a popular stock photography database.

The following links also provide insight as to what websites are “bad” and what exactly makes for a “bad” website…


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