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Week 11

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This past week seemed to go by so quickly! For our class, we mainly focused on our final project-constructing out own website. We’re still in the preliminary stages where we are coming with wireframes and design comps. I really wasn’t totally satisfied with my wireframe so I pretty much started all over and took everyone’s suggestions into consideration. Here is what my home page of my design comp looks like…

It’s still a work in progress. I can say that the practices have really been helping. I’m grateful for those!

As for the reading this week, we covered a lot. One main reading contained information on stock photography-whether it be low-cost, or no-cost. Some websites that are included in this are:

An article that I found to be interesting was

This article explains what really constitutes as “good design”. It may not really be what you think. Ultimately, thinking of the user and being as simplistic as possible will achieve.


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