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Week 11

This past week seemed to go by so quickly! For our class, we mainly focused on our final project-constructing out own website. We’re still in the preliminary stages where we are coming with wireframes and design comps. I really wasn’t totally satisfied with my wireframe so I pretty much started all over and took everyone’s suggestions into consideration. Here is what my home page of my design comp looks like…

It’s still a work in progress. I can say that the practices have really been helping. I’m grateful for those!

As for the reading this week, we covered a lot. One main reading contained information on stock photography-whether it be low-cost, or no-cost. Some websites that are included in this are:

An article that I found to be interesting was

This article explains what really constitutes as “good design”. It may not really be what you think. Ultimately, thinking of the user and being as simplistic as possible will achieve.


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Week 9

Hello everyone. This past we jumped further into our final project (which I must say I’m pretty excited about!). The major assignment we had to complete was a “Style Tile”. A Style Tile is a design that consists of typographic, color and interface elements that convey the idea of what the website will look like. This is mine…


It was hard to choose different colors and fonts for me. Mainly because I like so much and I’m very indecisive (haha). The site I used to download fonts was . I used for the different texture samples.

The following links are to different opinions of what good typography is and how to maximize is legibility. Also the last link shows good pairings of texts.



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Week 8

During this past week, we finalized our banners as well as worked further into final website project. Instead of doing a website based on Chili’s (the restaurant I work at), I’ve decided to do a website about my couponing group. I know it’s silly that I coupon at 22 years old, but trust me- it’s worth it! I don’t why I didn’t think to do this as my project first! Ha…

Apart of the final project assignment this week, we had to complete a Design Document. A Design Document is essentially a planning source that provides information to your client about what you intend to do. It includes a cover sheet, a project profiler, a flowchart, and storyboards.

This week we also covered a lot of reading. We covered stock photography- which consists of existing photographs that can be licensed for specific uses. Most stock images come in one of two licensing terms- royalty free, or rights managed. Royalty free basically offers the ability to use an image in an unlimited number of ways for a single license fee. Rights managed is an individual licensing agreement negotiated for each use, with an option for exclusivity in an industry or for a period of time.    is a popular stock photography database.

The following links also provide insight as to what websites are “bad” and what exactly makes for a “bad” website…

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Week 6/ Week 7

Since I was unable to update my blog last week, I’m just going to review everything from this week and the past week. 🙂

Last week, we mainly worked on our banners. Originally I had come up with the idea of incorporating a harvest moon as the focal point and having a forest in the background. After looking over some suggestions, I decided to add some stars to the background and change up the trees to not make them look so flat. I also decided to switch the Anne Arundel Community College logos.

We also reviewed how to do a tiling background. This I will admit, was hard for me to accomplish. Even after reviewing the lectures over and over. But eventually, I was able to get close to what I wanted. Here is the background tiling image…

This week, we had to incorporate animation. I decided to move the MyAACC text and have a couple stars fluttering in the background.

Also, last week we had to decide what we wanted to do for our final website. The only idea that I could really come up with is the restaurant Chili’s. I’ve been a waitress here for a little over two in a half years. Unfortunately I’m not associated with any other small local groups or anything like that. Hopefully this will be sufficient…

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Week 5

This week we strayed a little from DreamWeaver and jumped into Fireworks. I enjoy the fact that a lot of the tools and different properties are a lot alike in most of the Adobe programs. At first it took me a little while to get used to the layout of Fireworks. But after I played around for while, I started to get a feel for using this application. I must say, I do enjoy it!

For our next project, our class will be designing a banner for our Colleges’ website. Basically we have to incorporate “fall inspiration” as well as our personal creativity. Honestly, coming up with a design isn’t as easy as you may think. We had to stray away from holiday concepts, and we obviously had to avoid clashing ideas with other students. So, sticking away from leaves and tress, I decided to come up with a design featuring the harvest moon. Here is a rough sketch up…

It’s fairly simple now, but I’m excited to see what I come up with!

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Week 4

As the weeks go on, we are getting more advance in stylizing our layouts for web design. This week was primarily about learning selectors/classes/IDs, basic text formatting, cascades, and bordering. I do have to admit, though I do enjoy this coding stuff…it’s getting tougher! (Haha) Luckily, the Lynda classes are helping…A LOT.

Some additional reading that was included in this week’s learning were:

This link would seem to be very helpful in the near future when I get more advanced in my web development. These tools describes on this website are mainly for decreasing file size.

This site too, seems to be helpful for when I learn more about layouts. This website goes over the pros & cons of 6 popular css layouts: fixed-width, fluid/liquid, elastic, hybrid, responsive, fluid/elastic grids.

This article in particular was beneficial this week since a lot of our Lynda assignments included IDs and classes. IDs and classes are essentially the hooks to css layouts. These allow us to specifically manipulate an element without changing all related elements. IDs are unique in that you can only have one. Classes on the other hand, are not unique because you are allowed to have several of these.





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Week 3

This week was primarily about getting into the smaller details of web design-specifically CSS. Part of our class is Lynda based, and the other part is lecture/reading based. Here are a couple links to the lectures provided by our professor…

In addition to these lectures, we also had some reading material…

This reading portion explained into further detail what different image file formats there are. Last week, we briefly went over these formats, however this link provides the different characteristics of a JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), and GIF(Graphic Interchange Format) are and how saving these image formats differ.

This article provides insight into what visual hierarchy is and how we, as web designers, can efficiently use this concept to offer interest to our designs. Some different ways to incorporate visual hierarchy include color contrast, sizing, repetition, style and texture.
This week also included some assignments related to our resume project. We have to incorporate the color themes we created last week in Kuler as well as add a final image to the resume. Instead of just using notepad to write our HTML/CSS coding, were also using other programs such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop to enhance the look of our resume.